The province of Alberta Safety Codes Act Permit Regulations requires that homeowners apply for permits and receive authorization before undergoing certain plumbing work in their home. The city of Calgary issues these permits, ensuring that work complies with codes.

In general, plumbing permits are required to install, change or add to a plumbing system. A plumbing permit is also required in the event that water and sewer lines are replaced in or around the home. This will be explored in more detail below.

Performing any of these projects without a permit is against the city of Calgary’s by-laws and can result in a stop-work order, expensive fines and even the demolition of entire project – which can be costly. Not only that, but it could be seriously dangerous to attempt projects without proper authorization in place.

When Are Plumbing Permits Required?

There are several different plumbing permits. Each of these permits will give you a better look at the types of plumbing renovations that require city authorization. Note: all of these permits are considered plumbing permits.

  • Plumbing Permit

    A plumbing permit is required when you are installing, changing or adding to your plumbing system.

  • Hydronic Permit

    This permit is required in the exact same instances as above, with the exception being that you are performing work on your hydronic heating system.

  • Private Sewage Permit

    This permit is required if you are adding a sewage disposal system (private).

  • CCCD Permit

    If you are installing or changing a cross connection control device, a CCCD permit is required.

  • Solar Thermal Permit

    This permit is required if you are installing a solar hot water system.

  • Water Reuse Permit

    A water reuse permit is required if you are installing a new system.

Note that plumbing permits are not required in the following instances:

  • Repairing a leak in a water distribution/drainage system

  • Replacing current faucets or a hot water tank

  • Removing a blockage in the drainage

Helpful Resources

  • For More Information

    For more information on plumbing permits, you can click here.

  • Contact Information

    You can contact 311 to speak to a safety code officer or submit an online inquiry form here.

  • Plumbing Permit Application

Even if you have basic plumbing knowledge, it is always best to contact a licensed plumber to complete plumbing work safety. Before attempting any plumbing work, we always recommend that you contact a safety code officer via the contact information listed above.

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