Backflow Testing Services Calgary

It is every home and business owner’s responsibility to protect the city water supply. The safety of Calgary residents is our top priority – which is why our expert team works tirelessly to keep your drinking water crystal clean by thoroughly inspecting, installing and maintaining your property’s plumbing and fixtures.

Due to the health hazards posed by backflow, the city of Calgary bylaws requires property owners to have a testable certified backflow device serviced annually under the City of Calgary Cross Connection Control Program on their outdoor irrigation systems. Failing to provide and maintain the proper backflow device could result in contamination of the city municipal water supply resulting in heavy fines and/or summary convictions.

Thankfully, our professional and highly skilled team at Imagine Plumbing & Appliance Ltd. can help.

What is Backflow or Cross Connection?

Backflow is the reversal of untreated water into your property’s drinking water. Imagine Plumbing’s certified backflow testing services prevent contaminants, pollutants and other unwanted substances from entering your main water supply.

Backflow is typically caused by backsiphonage or backpressure. Backsiphonage is a reversal or interruption in the water supply, and can be caused by a vacuum in the piping or a disruption in the local supply main. Backpressure is the result of an increase of pressure from a pump, boiler or tank which causes the water supply to reverse.

Water used for showering, washing dishes and doing laundry are a few examples of untreated water that could backflow. As well, lawn irrigation systems and fertilizer spray could enter your main water supply, for example, and ultimately impact public water supply without proper testing of backflow devices.

Certified Backflow Testing

Our team of skilled, certified professionals are prepared to protect your property from backflow. We test and repair your backflow prevention devices to keep you, your family and property residents safe. We are accurate and knowledgeable of all aspects of your backflow preventers and can pinpoint and resolve issues quickly.

We work to test and repair your cross-connection devices, air gaps, hose bibs, reduced pressure zone preventers, and other system elements to ensure your home remains free from hazardous backflow.

Imagine Plumbing was founded by master plumber and gas fitter, Jordan Swenson, on the values of dedicated and reliable service. Our team is thoroughly trained to meet your high standards, and our safe and effective services ensure your water supply runs smoothly.

We serve Calgary and the surrounding communities of Cochrane, Banff, Canmore, High River, Langdon, Chestermere, Strathmore, Black Diamond, and Turner Valley, to name a few.

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For testing, repairs, installation, and supply, contact our team today. We have been providing residents of Calgary and surrounding areas with top of the line services and products since 2005. We ensure homeowners maintain a clean, hazard-free water supply and keep their property up to the city of Calgary standards.

Backflow prevention devices are subject to wear and tear. If it’s time for your annual inspection, or if you’re undergoing a home renovation, it’s crucial to have your backflow preventers tested or repaired.

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