Plumbing & Appliance Installation Services Cochrane

Nestled in the heart of cattle country and the famous Cowboy Trail, the town of Cochrane provides its 25,000 or so residents with natural beauty at every turn. A short drive from Calgary and Banff, Cochrane is a great place to raise a family, start out or retire. Although it’s proud of its western heritage, the town is anything but stuck in the past. Cochrane is as modern as it is idyllic. The residents of Cochrane turn to Imagine Plumbing for appliance upgrades and plumbing repairs or maintenance. If you can’t remember how old your dishwasher is or if your basement hasn’t been waterproofed, it’s time to give us a call.

Professional plumber in Cochrane

Imagine Plumbing & Appliance Ltd. is a professional plumbing company started by Jordan Swenson in 2005. As a master plumber and gas fitter, Jordan felt that he needed to put his more than 20 years in the business to good use. He had one simple goal in mind, to provide prompt and courteous service to each customer whether they were faced with a plumbing emergency like a broken sump pump or had less pressing matters to deal with like a bathroom appliance renovation. No matter what your issue is, we are the only professional plumber in Cochrane you should be dealing with. We provide everything from drinking water systems to backwater valve replacement to waterproofing to appliance installation.

Plumbing and appliance services you can count on

We provide our customers with a guarantee that shows them how seriously we take each job from appliance installation to repairs. Our one-year warranty is in place to ensure that if anything goes wrong in the year following installation, we’ll take care of it for free. We are experienced plumbers, gas fitters and appliance technicians you can count on. To boot, we are Better Business Bureau accredited and members of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Alberta. These are two memberships we don’t take lightly, and we ensure that we adhere to all industry standards and practices.

Water softening and drinking water systems

Our services extend to water softening and drinking water systems. Unfortunately, the region is known for its hard water which can destroy your dishwasher and appliances. Besides ruining your dishwasher, hard water makes your skin dry and irritable. We provide our customers with water softening services to make sure your skin, dishes and dishwasher are protected. Another service we offer is the installation of drinking water systems. Our systems allow you to save money by giving you access to clean, crisp water directly from your tap. Instead of wasting money on expensive filters and water bottles, let us install drinking water systems in your home that give you taintless water from your sink. Additionally, we can install fridge ice and water systems giving you drinkable water from refrigerator.

Whether you’re facing an emergency plumbing situation or simply looking to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom appliances, we’re the professional plumbers you should call. Contact us today for more information about our services.