Backwater Valve Installation & Maintenance

In many Calgary homes with basements, cellars or crawl spaces, a backwater valve is needed to control the flow of water into the house’s drain pipes. You may not be aware if you have an existing backwater valve in your home or if you need one which is why we offer installation and repairs of these devices. We are trained plumbing professionals who can handle the repair, maintenance and installation of backwater valves.

What is a backwater valve and why do you need one?

A backwater valve is a device used to prevent the outbound water that moves through your home’s drain pipes from re-entering your home. When water re-enters the home it is referred to as backflow, and the backwater valve is used to prevent this from happening.

The valve consists of a flap that lets water exit your home but then closes afterwards to prevent it from flowing back in. These valves aren’t activated at all times but only when the city’s sewer lines cannot handle large amounts of precipitation such as rain storms, heavy snowfall that melts on contact and rapidly melting snow in the spring. Not all homes need a backwater valve; however, if you experience flooding, damp floors or sewage buildup in your basement and backyard, you should give us a call. Our trained professionals will be able to repair your broken valve or install a new one to prevent future buildup and flooding.

Mainline backwater valve installation

Since our inception in 2005, our goal was to provide plumbing and appliance services to our customers. One of these services is mainline backwater valve installation. This is not something you should attempt on your own. Yes, there are some plumbing chores you can DIY but this is not one of them. Our team of skilled plumbers are trained to deal with the repair, cleaning and installation of backwater valves. Besides providing mainline backwater valve installation, we also offer superior customer service. Our customers are important to us and when you contact Imagine Plumbing & Appliance Ltd., you will get prompt, dependable service every time.

Backwater valves vs. backflow preventers

At Imagine Plumbing & Appliance Ltd. our expert team of plumbers can perform mainline backwater valve installation. Many homes in Calgary and its surrounding areas are not equipped with backwater valves. You may have heard about backflow preventers and think that this is what you need in your home instead. However, these devices are not the same thing as a backwater valve. Backflow preventers are only good for protecting your potable water source from being contaminated by a reverse flow of fetid water while backwater valves prevent raw sewage from backing up through your toilets, showers and sinks.

If you are unsure if your home is equipped with a backwater valve or if your existing one needs to be replaced, contact us today. The last thing you need is raw sewage invading your home.