Just as you need to prepare your home’s plumbing system for the winter months, it is also important to prepare them for the summer months, especially if you are leaving for summer vacation. Below is a list of steps to take to prepare your home’s plumbing for summer.

Turn Your Water Supply off if You’re Going on Vacation

Although broken or leaky pipes tend to be rare in well-maintained homes, turning off your water supply before leaving for vacation can add an additional level of security and minimize any home-related fears you may have while you are away. To do this, locate your shut-off valve and turn it off by hand or with a wrench. The shut-off valve is typically located next to the water meter outside your home.

Turn Your Water Heater and Water Softener System off if You’re Going on Vacation

Turning your water heater and water softener system off while you’re on vacation will cut down on wasted energy and water and save on your utility bill. Your water heater can be turned off via the main breaker panel. You may want to even consider draining your water heater entirely. Draining your water heater is easy, all you need to do is connect a hose to it and then direct it to a bucket. You can then use the water to water your plants. Note that some water heaters may have a vacation setting—if so, you can turn this on instead.

Keep an Eye on Your Drains

During the summer months, trees and shrubs tend to grow quickly. If you have trees or shrubs located near your sewer lines, keep a watchful eye on your drains to ensure that the roots don’t grow into your sewer line and cause a major clog. If your drains have been draining slowly for quite some time and they don’t seem to resolve themselves with traditional methods, this is a sign that root damage may already have taken hold.

Note that people also do a lot of gardening during the summer months. In order to prevent future plumbing issues, ensure that if you are planting trees or shrubs with complex roots, you plant them far away from your sewer line.

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