Plumbing leaks tend to be evident long before they cause damage to your home. For example, you may notice water stains or musty odours as warning signs.

But, when it comes to having a broken water pipe under your slab, it’s not always as obvious. Indeed, many of the following signs of a possible broken water pipe can actually be very subtle.

Here is how to determine if you have a broken water pipe under your slab.

  1. Signs Of a Possible Broken Water Pipe

    • Spikes In Your Utility Bill
      In the majority of cases, it can be difficult to even know you have a broken water pipe under your slab until you get your utility bill and notice a spike.

    • Alternatively, you may have also noticed that your water meter is running at a higher rate than normal – this is another possible sign of a broken water pipe. You may also notice that your water heater is running more often – again, all subtle signs.

    • Warm/Soft/Wet Spots on the Floor
      Other possible signs of broken water pipe include feeling warm, soft or wet spots on the floor. You may notice one of these signs of all three. Warm spots are created by leaking hot water lines. Try walking on your floors barefoot.

    • Also keep in mind that although you may notice one or two of these signs, it doesn’t necessarily tell you where the actual leak is located.

    • You Can Hear Water Rushing in the Pipes
      If you can hear water rushing in the pipes underneath your floor, this is another common sign that your water pipe may be broken.

    • New Cracks On the Floor or Walls
      Lastly, if you notice any new cracks on your floors or on this walls, this could be yet another signal of a possible leak.

  2. Contact A Professional

    While you may suspect that you have a broken pipe under your slab based on some of the signs above, the next step of the process is actually determining where the leak is located. This is the difficult part and is often best left to a professional.

Once you determine the source of the leak, you will then have to break a hole in the slab with a jackhammer in order to repair the leak. Again, this is best left to a professional.

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