Water should rinse away cleanly, but hard water doesn’t. Hard water contains an overabundance of calcium and magnesium which leaves behind a visible and irritating residue on whatever it coats. Because we bathe, wash our clothes, do our dishes, and water our plants with water, having left-behind irritants quickly becomes noticeable and harmful.

A simple solution to hard water is installing a water softener in your home. A water softener is a mechanical appliance that’s built into your home’s water supply system. It filters the hard chemicals out of the water by using negatively charged beads to attract the positive charge of calcium and magnesium. The result is water that is greatly reduced in chemicals to be used for your drinking, bathing, and living.

We rely on water daily, so it’s worth making sure that this fundamental of life does not have undesired side effects. Here are some of the benefits that a water softener will provide to improve your life remarkably:

  1. Skin and hair

We may want soft, smooth hair and skin, but hard water foils that with irritants that can cause bodily reactions. If your skin is at all sensitive, then you’re no doubt highly aware of what it comes in contact with, especially on your face. Changing soaps could result in a reaction, dryness, and worsening of conditions like eczema. Showering in hard water undermines any effort at a gentle hygiene regimen, bombarding you with chemicals that cause extreme dryness and make your skin and hair look flat.

A water softener is a must for anyone with skin conditions. You could save time and money in obtaining medicated topical treatments if you simply change to treated water. The difference you’ll feel straight out of the shower will be obvious. It’s a game changer.

  1. Your dishes

You can never quite get dishes clean while using hard water. Have you ever had the frustrating experience of cleaning your dishes compulsively, but always having a residue left over? It’s not because you didn’t scrub hard enough. It’s because hard water always leaves behind some form of gunk.

Streaked dishes can be embarrassing when serving to company if it looks as though the dishes haven’t been properly cleaned. While hard water marks can be buffed away with a cloth, it’s time consuming and awkward to have to do this every single time. With a water softener, dishes and glassware dry free of streaks.

You’ll also save money on dish detergent by using soft water. This small household expense adds up over time. It’s also better for the environment to not use as great a quantity of synthetic soaps.

  1. Your clothing

Hard water doesn’t just leave behind a film on dishes; it scuffs up your clothing too. Black clothing especially reveals the telltale signs of water mineralization. If you’re heading to a job interview or a formal event, then hard water residue can ruin the impression you make.

Similarly with dishes, you’ll save money on laundry detergent by installing a water softener. Using less detergent and treated water will also make your clothing softer and less likely to cause irritation when in contact with your skin. It’s a great life improvement when you’re comfortable in your clothing moment to moment.

  1.  Your home plumbing

Having hard water circulating through your home constantly produces mineral deposits throughout. These mineral deposits, when grown large enough, can cause impediments or even full blockages of water flow. You’ll have to hire a plumbing service for an emergency job, which comes with a premium cost. Your home could also flood if there is a blockage in your home’s water system. If your home insurance doesn’t cover flooding from internal causes, you could be on the hook for quite a lot of money.

A water softener is a great preventative investment for your home. Especially if you are in an older home with weaker plumbing, installing a water softener will go a long way in prolonging the life of the home’s original structures. Don’t wait until it’s too late to start paying attention to your home’s inner workings. When a water softener has so many practical benefits, it makes sense to install one for both the long and short-term outcomes.

Hard water can be difficult to live with, especially if you have sensitive skin or are particular about your appearance. The sludge it leaves behind on hair, skin, dishes, and clothing make it not only unsightly but downright irritating. If hard water is getting you down (and clogging up your home plumbing), investing in a water softener is a straightforward and effective solution. You’ll notice the benefits immediately, and they’ll become hard to live without.

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