If there is ever a time for your water heater to remain in peak condition, it is certainly during the winter months.

Just like your pipes, your water heater also needs to be winterized to ensure that it continues to function well throughout the winter season – especially since it has to work overtime during this time of the year.

Here are some tips.

  1. Flush Out Your Water Heater

    It is important that your water heater is flushed out on an annual basis. Flushing removes the buildup of sediment and allows it to work much more efficiently.

    To do this, shut your heater off and give it some time to cool down. Next, attach a hose to the drain valve and allow the water to drain. Ensure that you keep one hot water faucet on as you drain your water heater.

    Alternatively, if you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you can contact your local plumber.

    Tankless water heaters also need to be descaled for the same reasons. However, for tankless water heaters, this is best left to the professionals.

  2. Insulate Older Tanks

    Older tanks don’t keep water as warm as newer ones – they simply aren’t as efficient. To keep your showers warm this winter season, consider insulating your tank with a fiberglass insulation blanket.

  3. Clear Air Intake and Exhaust Vents

    For those with high-efficiency (HE) units, it’s imperative that your air intake and exhaust vents are clear of debris and, in particular, snow. Small animals can also make their way into these areas as well.

    When the water heater is blocked, the water heater will completely stop working, which could result in a lot of damage to your water heater. Even worse, carbon monoxide could build up and pose a serious safety risk.

    If your intake and exhaust vents get a lot of snow drifts, consider putting up a snow fence. You can also install a stainless mesh screen on both sides of the vents to prevent small animals and other debris from entering your piping.

  4. Check the Anode Rod

    The anode rod is designed to collect corrosive elements that could eat away at your water heater’s lining. This is a big task, which means that your anode rod should be inspected every year if your tank is much older than a year.

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