Everybody must do their part to ensure that the public water supply is protected. That’s precisely why, under the Cross Connection Control Program, the city of Calgary now requires homeowners to have their cross connection control devices (i.e. backflow prevention devices) tested by a certified specialist.

Cross connection control devices are designed to prevent backflow – the reversal of water that hasn’t been treated from getting into the public water system via an unprotected cross connection.

There are several testable types of cross connection control devices, including reduced-pressure principle assembly and pressure vacuum breaker assembly. You can see the complete list of testable cross control devices on the The City of Calgary website listed below.

How Often Should Backflow Prevention Be Inspected?

Again, Calgary residents are now required to have a certified backflowing training specialist come and inspect their backflow preventer devices. This is because these devices have seals, springs, and other components that can wear down. This bylaw ensures that all cross connection control devices are functioning as they should.

It is also important to note that it is a very serious issue if your devices fail. Untreated water can contains contaminants, pollutants, and bacteria that could be seriously harmful to people’s health. In such a case, the owner could be held responsible for damages.

Property owners (whether homeowners or businesses) need to have their backflow prevention devices inspected every year. Failure to do so can lead to a violation ticket. Your water could also be cut off. Failure to do so is also considered a criminal offense.

To make it easy to remember, many professional plumbing companies will set up reminders. You will receive a reminder via email, phone, or mail. This takes the issue of remembering completely off your plate.

How to Get Your Cross Connection Control Device Tested

In order to get your cross connection control tested, the tester must be certified. This means that they are registered with the City of Calgary Water Services. This is important because the City of the Calgary does not accept reports from testers who are unregistered or unqualified. Your report will be returned and you will still be considered as having an untested device, which means that you could still be subject to a violation ticket and so on, as listed above.

For more information on Calgary’s Cross Connection Control Program requirements for homeowners, click here.

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